We work cooperatively with your design, development, and marketing teams to secure and maintain your websites, eCommerce shops and Membership systems to drive your goals. We recommend techniques and solutions, so your website runs FAST and beautifully on all devices, all browsers, all the time.

As needed, we can help implement other digital marketing assets to meet your specific goals as well. Although we would prefer to work with your WordPress design and marketing team, if you want us to design and build your WordPress website, we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

We specialize in all the technical things the typical website designer and developer don’t want to deal with such as WordPress site security, Anti-Spam, host selection & migration, database optimization, PHP version management, domain registrar Name Server and DNS record management, Google Workspace for domain branded email, ADA Compliance, and USA/International Privacy policies.

We make the digital experience seamless for your team and your clients.

Your website should never take a sick day off or vacation.
It should work for you 7/24/365 and not the other way around.

  • 2013 Year We Started
  • 40+ Years of Practical Experience
  • 100+ Recurring Clients

Our Team


David Topper, Managing Partner and Lead Developer

David, Lead Developer

I launched FreshView Partners in 2013 because I have a true passion for helping others succeed, and to do so with integrity. I spent my career between the software industry and the wine business in Napa. I learned that no matter the industry, marketing assets need to be proactively nurtured, managed, and maintained with a “fresh view” on a routine basis.

I am driven by problem solving and presenting clients with solutions I genuinely feel will help them accomplish their stated goals. I work with a capable team to solve technical puzzles through best practices, and we coach clients to develop strategic, tactical, and sustainable business solutions that work for them within their budget and culture.

Priyanka, Senior Developer

Priyanka, Senior Developer

Priyanka has the unique talent of converting your visual business expression from any designer into well-written and sustainable code. Her genuine desire to please the client is unsurpassed and she is always ready for the next challenge. Her grasp of ‘best practices’ for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify is outstanding — and if that’s not enough, she has deep experience with marketing and sales support tools such as Instapage, LeadPages, ClickFunnel, Infusionsoft/Keap, Unbounce, and more.

Colleen Topper, Business Advisor

Colleen, Business Advisor

Having earned her teaching credentials in 1991 from Loyola Marymount University, Colleen helps to bring out the best in a website and eCommerce presentation through descriptive writing and organization that connects with consumers — including the development of unique and tantalizing recipes for our clients websites. She has worked almost exclusively in the wine industry in Napa using her skills to develop, implement and measure strategic sales and marketing programs. Colleen is a thinker, an organizer, a planner, a collaborator, a project manager, a researcher and analyzer.

Shelley, Digital Marketing & SEO

Shelley, Digital Marketing & SEO

Marketing and SEO expert Shelley Burns has been driving business growth through digital for over 18 years, utilizing a unique capacity to use creativity and technology to elevate purpose-driven brands. With both agency and in-house experience, she understands how to harness the power of search to build an optimized, unified web presence and generate ongoing revenues for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) businesses across a wide variety of vertical markets.

Brian, Full Stack Developer

Brian, Full Stack Developer

Brian is a Full Stack Developer with a rich background in both low-level embedded systems and high-level application development. Brian has a passion for solving complex problems.
Brian has effectively applied his skills in embedded firmware development, specializing in low-level C and Real Time Operating System (RTOS) programming. A notable example of this was his work for Anova Culinary, where he wrote extensive firmware for the Anova Precision Oven, a highly rated smart steam oven with hundreds of thousands of users. Brian spearheaded development of many firmware components from bare metal drivers to Internet of Things interactions, showcasing an impressive command of embedded programming.
Brian’s proficiency in high-level software development is equally impressive. In his role as Lead Developer for Original Cannabis Company, he led development of a mobile eCommerce application and website. Brian is adept at creating sophisticated software solutions, leveraging modern programming languages and frameworks such as Flutter and Firebase, and so much more.

Our Values

A Partner That Cares

We’re proud to have client relationships that span years. We’re called Fresh View Partners because we team up with you as a partner would, and provide a fresh perspective — a ‘fresh view’ to drive your mission, goals, strategies, and tactics regardless of your business endeavor.

Best Practices

Your business needs to run with best practices and emerging trends, and we help you identify, evaluate and pursue those. We offer research-backed clarity to guide you to the right decisions. By showing our clients opportunities that others often miss, we help you continuously improve and expand.

Clear & Timely Communication

We don’t ask you to trust us… We ask you to test us so we can earn your trust! Although on occasion we need to get some sleep, we’re there when you need us, and we make every effort to accommodate your schedule and your timing. Call, text, or email — We’re here to help!

Genuine Client Relationships

We take your Mission, Goals, Strategy, and Tactics to task. We find or invent solutions tailored to your business, and work within your culture. If you prefer to speak with someone that can help quickly rather than email, chat, or use impersonal ticket systems, we’ll provide you with a private line so we’re here for you whenever needed.

We help businesses succeed with their digital marketing and sales assets.

Our Mission

Help businesses succeed with their digital marketing and sales assets through sophisticated experience, practical solutions, and good judgement.

We help businesses succeed with their digital marketing and sales assets.