An updated WordPress site is ESSENTIAL to help keep your site safe from hackers and Murphy’s law. But updates are also the most common source of breaks in design, and functionality — and at worst can crash your site. Why is this? Typical WordPress sites are made of unique pieces (code) that are made by many different developers, so WordPress, plugin, and theme updates work like 'snap-together' building blocks and can sometimes cause conflicts. On your behalf we will maintain a staging website which is an environment for testing that exactly resembles the live website. In other words, it's a complete but independent copy of the your live website. Staging provides a true basis for quality assurance testing because it precisely reproduces what is on your live website.  We check daily for theme and plugin updates and will apply them cautiously. If (or when) things break, we incrementally roll back the site to the point before it was updated while we work to fix or find a new solution in no time at all. Smooth sailing, all the way so your site stays looking great every day of the year, all the time.

Nobody likes to talk about website security until it's too late! We help you to be proactive versus reactive. Most website attacks are automated 'en masse' and hackers don't discriminate — so the size, content, and number of visitors just doesn't matter. With our website assurance program in place, we literally monitor and log into your site every day of the year — 7/365 — to check for any variant that may point to a potential hack or malware. We use various security plugins that are best suited for your host, website, and budget along with cloud based security solutions that protect your site with firewalls and content delivery networks that protect your digital investments well before the hacker can even hit your website!

Yes! We have a results driven Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) expert available to you. He will customize measurable solutions to meet your specific objectives. We can establish your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster accounts for you and connect them to your website with customized reporting. In addition, we can include Schema Markup which is a semantic vocabulary of tags that we can add to your HTML to improve the way search engines read and represent your page in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). If you want to beat the competition with search results, call us today for  a customized and perfectly tailored quote!

We parse your posts, blogroll, and other content looking for broken links and report them to you so they can be fixed by you, your staff, or our team. If that's not enough, we can dig deep with our link analysis to check:

  • HTML - check for missing images and broken links
  • CSS - check for missing background graphics and broken @import statements
  • Plus - we can check sites for accessibility, usability, HTML standards, and search engine guideline violations using more than 700 standards based checkpoints

It's time to smarten up with a strong WordPress website backup strategy. Stop backing up your full site every time which places unnecessary load on your host account resources which are especially limited for shared hosting accounts. What do we do differently? Every change that happens on your website is backed up 'incrementally' and immediately to our Amazon S3 account for safekeeping and not to your host account (which would unnecessarily use up your allocated disk space). This means that your backup is always up-to-date which further helps to protect your site from hackers and other maladies that may affect your site. This strategy also permits you to test your changes before making them live because you can 'restore' incrementally! 

An up-to-date WordPress website is ESSENTIAL as it’s 'safer' from hackers and Murphy’s law. WordPress sites are usually made of functional building blocks created by many different developers. We check daily for new WordPress versions as well as theme and plugin updates. When found, we apply them cautiously by reading the developer changelogs and then checking your site carefully after each update to make sure all is well. These updates generally provide added compatibility, various bug fixes, improved security, and new features. In addition, we provide 7/24/365 uptime monitoring of your website and respond quickly to resolve any issues.

If you've ever redeveloped your WordPress website or chose to test website changes in a staging site which is a 'clone' of your live website, inevitably by the time you are done with the development, it's very typical that someone created new posts, new WooCommerce orders come in, or other changes happened in the live site. Now you have 2 copies that have to be merged without losing the changes in either of them (ugh!). We provide a rather unique intelligent and automated database merging ability that merges changes from your staging site to your live site without over-writing the changes made to the live site since cloning. Problem solved!

PHP Version Control: Many users just don’t know anything about the importance of a modern PHP version. They neither know what PHP is or how they could upgrade it. For those who don’t know what PHP is, let’s just say in brief that it’s what powers WordPress. At some point, all software reaches the “end of life” status. When a version is at the end of its life, it does not receive any security updates anymore. That means that it is rendered insecure. If you use an outdated version, it’s far more likely that your website gets hacked. In addition, modern versions of PHP are much faster than old versions. If someone uses an old version their website is slower than it could be.

We Constantly Monitor Your Site: We receive instant alerts if your website ever goes down, how long it's off-line, and quickly identify and rectify the cause. That's exactly why we're here — to watch your back and keep you up-to-date and operational at all times, safe and secure!