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Development, Management, Maintenance, and Security

We are trusted WordPress experts with 40+ years of technical and business operations experience. We offer best practice technical solutions for your business mission-critical website. We provide reliable maintenance services to make your WordPress website painless. You have invested dearly in your business success and your website, so let’s be proactive and evolve that investment together!

  • WordPress development, management, maintenance, and security
  • Website Host and Domain Registrar recommendations & migration
  • Proven eCommerce solutions
  • Payment Gateways
  • Membership sites
  • Event Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Custom function development
  • 100+ Recurring Clients
  • WordPress Site Management — Outsource Webmaster Services
  • We work cooperatively with your website designer, developer, and marketing team

Website Assurance Plans

It doesn’t matter who designed or built your website. Leave the tech details to us. WordPress is a powerful and complex tool — immeasurably valuable when working well, and utterly disastrous and frustrating when not. Without proper attention to website maintenance, management, and security, hackers can exploit your website, take it offline, and impact your online presence. It’s important to keep in mind that your WordPress website is never a set-it-and-forget-it solution. Instead, we encourage you to think of it as a continuous process to drive consumer awareness, satisfaction, and revenue.

The majority of WordPress hacks occur due to outdated WordPress versions, plugins, and themes. To solve this, we check your site daily, and apply all required updates and patches after reading through the developer changelogs. We add, configure, and monitor site security and anti-spam functionality as well.

The Mandiant Security Effectiveness Report in 2020 found that 53% of successful cyberattacks infiltrate without being detected, and 91% of all incidents didn’t generate an alert.

For a LOW MONTHLY RECURRING FEE (less than a daily cup of premium coffee), we offer the following services to give you peace of mind.

Why small business owners choose us
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Reliable & Affordable Services
  • Turn-Around Times Met & On Budget

What You Get With FreshView

Putting all tech jargon aside, we assist you with your WordPress or Shopify website and eCommerce shop development to showcase your strengths and increase your revenues – even if we didn’t build your website. A fast and well maintained website will positively impact your bottom line.

We'll help you to build and maintain a reliable website!

We monitor your site daily for your peace of mind.

Reliable Site

Regardless of the size of your business, developing a security framework can help reduce your overall risk. This framework involves creating a “culture of security” with constant monitoring, maintenance, and daily scheduled audits. We’re proactive in safeguarding your most critical business assets with our affordable tailored maintenance and security plan.

  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Quick Response
We'll help you to build and maintain a reliable website!

We monitor your site daily for your peace of mind.

If you're wondering how to make your site do x, y and z, you've come to the right team to help!
We keep our business owners focused on their business.

Wondering how to make your site do x, y and z?

We are solution-ready and offer development for the functionality you need. Whether you need sophisticated and custom capabilities for your website, a robust eCommerce system, search engine optimization (SEO), or just someone trustworthy to secure and maintain your existing website… you name it and we’ll get the job done on-time and within budget!

  • With 40+ years of technical & business experience, we can do it!
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Let’s drive conversions together with a high performing website!

Better Performing Sites
Convert More

Nearly half of users will abandon a web page that takes more than two to three seconds to load due to impatience. Page speed has a huge impact on user behavior, but is also affected by page design, page layout, the text and images on the page. As updates are made to your host, website, firewalls, themes, and plugins, we review and constantly tweak as required to ensure your site is as fast as it can be.

  • For every 1 second improvement in page load time, conversions increased by 2% (Source: Walmart/Cloudflare)
Better performing websites convert more visitors to revenue!

Let’s drive conversions together with a high performing website!

Your success is our success! Run your business with confidence.

Your Success is Our Success

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